From Temporal Interactions to

Sustainable Relationships

Engineering, Psychological and Philosophical approaches

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AIM of this workshop

The aim of this workshop is to discuss on human-robot interaction, especially how to integrate researches focusing on temporal interactions and researches emphasizing conceptual views or systems regarding sustainable relationships. Culture is also an important key to consider this issue.

This workshop is divided in two parts of temporal interactions and sustainable relationships from various fields such as engineering, psychology and philosophy.

More concretely, temporal interactions mean onece or a few times interactions between humans and robots such as experimental tests. Engineering and psychological researches will be assigned to this part(see PROGRAM&HANDOUT). The part of sustainable relationships sheds a spotlight on discussions on philosophical concepts or psychological attitudes. Keynote speech by Prof. Kanda will provide evidences which connect interactions and relationships between humans and robots.

We hope speakers and audience will exchange scientific ideas to create unique framework to realize sustainable and harmonious relationships between humans and robots based on findings of temporal interactions considering cultural background.

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